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Lisa Zaran

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  • 03/2009, Special Guest Appearance on Aware Talk Radio's Taking It Up and Out, hosted by Celestial McGarrett.

Lectures, Reviews and Translations

  • 08/2006-07/2007, Translation course of the sometimes girl taught by Frau Erdbrügger at Haupt- und Realschule Grossheide which is located in Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen) in North-Western Germany.                   

  • 03/2007, The Blondes Lay Content, a review, by Tony Rodriguez.

  • 02/2010, 29 Poems translated to the Serbian language at Skot.

  • 06/2010, Reading at Changing Hands Bookstore along with Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow to promote Not a Muse, a worldwide anthology by women.

  • 06/2010, Poem on literary display in SONS, a museum in Kruishoutem, Belgium.


  • 09/2010, A lecture at the Teachers' training Institute Hall in Babylon on "New Voices in American Contemporary poetry" in which Moin Mohammed shed light on the American women poets (Lisa Zaran, Carolyn Srygley Moore, Bina Gupta, & Barbara Moore).

Moin Mohammed Lecture

  • 01/2011, Ten poems translated by Moin Mohammed in Al-Thakafa Al-Jadida (The New Culture) magazine which is issued in the Arabic language in Iraq every two months.  In this double issue (#340-341) ten poems are published with an introduction by Moin.  The work occupies pages 141-148.

Al-Thakafa Al-Jadida (The New Culture)

  • 06/12:  If It We reviewed in Poetix..

  • 6 poems translated to Persian in MOJE BIDARI by Fatima Siahati.