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Lisa Zaran

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8/17:  Dear Bob Dylan released in book format and kindle now available at Amazon.


  • 3/15:  Very excited to announce the publication of The Whole Desolate Day, an anthology on addiction.  Available now via Little Lark Press. 

The Whole Desolate Day
Poems on addiction

  • 2/15:  6 of my poems translated to Persian in a journal titled: MOJE BIDARI by Fatima Siahati (فاطمه سیاحتی).




  • 10/2:  Urban Times out of Indianapolis, Indiana features an essay by Norbert Krapf.  My story and photo included in the article.  


  • 9/18: Little Lark Press, a new press I've founded is currently seeking submissions for an anthology of poetry on addiction, titled The Whole Desolate Day.  Please visit the site for full guidelines.


  • 6/17:  Six new poems in Kritya.


Now available!

3/13:  New poem in Mad Swirl.


  • 8/21:  New launch:  Little Lark Press, now accepting submissions for it's first anthology "The Whole Desolate Day, poems about addiction.  For full guidelines please visit Little Lark Press.
  • 7/1:  The Blondes Lay Content now available in the iBookstore.
  • 6/27:  Five new poems in Kritya.
  • 6/26:  A comprehensive guide I developed to save others from the countless hours spent researching, in the hopes it might help.


  • 6/9:  Two new poems in the very cool Metazen.
  • 6/1:  4 new poems in the July issue-177 of Snakeskin.
  • 2/9:  You Have a Lovely Heart now available on Kindle.

  • 2/3:  The Blondes Lay Content and Subtraction Flower now available on Kindle.

  • 1/15:  Ten of my poems translated by Moin Mohammed in Al-Thakafa Al-Jadida (The New Culture) magazine which is issued in the Arabic language in Iraq every two months . In this double issue (no. 340 - 341) ten poems are published with an introduction by Moin . They occupy the pages (141-148).

Al-Thakafa Al-Jadida (The New Culture)

  • 1/8/11:  Two new poems added to a growing collection at Mad Swirl.
  • 1/5/11:  Two new poems in the stunning SubtleTea.
  • 1/1/11:  New poem in the January issue (172) of Snakeskin.
  • 1/1/11:  Three new pieces in the January issue of Negative Suck.


  • 12/13:  New flash fiction in 50 to 1.


  • 9/24:  New poem in Juked.
  • 9/9:  A lecture at the Teachers' training Institute Hall in Babylon on "New Voices in American Contemporary poetry" in which Moin Mohammed shed light on the American women poets (Lisa Zaran, Carolyn Srygley Moore, Bina Gupta, & Barbara Moore).


  • 7/7/10:  Radio Theatre Group's, Debbie Mair, performs 3 of my poems for Phenomenal Woman.

Subtraction Flower




  • 6/11/10:  SONS, a museum in Kruishoutem, Belgium to display one of my poems.  Can be viewed on the website (#48).


SONS, Literary Display


  • 2/27/10:  19 of my poems translated to the Serbian language at Skot.




  • 4/1:  New poem in Juked.

  • 3/21:  Special Guest Appearance on Taking it Up and Out with Celestial McGarrett, hosted by Aware Talk Radio.

  • 3/1:  New poem in Opium.



Support independent publishing:
                  buy this book on Lulu.


9/1: Official launch of Little Lark Press!
  • 8/7: I interview L. Ward Abel at the BEAT.
7/15: New poem in apt.
6/29: Eight new poems in the Summer/Fall 2008 issue of A Little Poetry.


4/22: New work in No. 4 of Point Barre.
4/11: Six poems in Ampersand.
3/24: Two new poems in the premiere issue of Pink Nighties.
3/15: Listing in Poets & Writers.
3/10: New poem in the Earth & Sky issue of All Things Girl.
2/25: Featured Poet for 2008 in A Little Poetry.
2/1: New issue of Contemporary American Voices.
1/31: Mid-issue update with 1 new poem in All Things Girl.
1/10: Three new poems in Winamop.
1/1: Three new poems in the Love & Lust Issue of All Things Girl.


12/7: Visibility, this weeks Featured poem at Soul to Soul.
12/3: 24 poem collection in The Peregrine Muse.
12/2: Two new poems in Canada's Feathertale Review.
12/1: New issue of Contemporary American Voices.
11/5: New poem in the Evolving issue of Origami Condom.
11/1: New issue of Contemporary American Voices.
10/22: Two poems in All Things Girl.
9/17: Featured Writer (8 poems) at Dogmatika.
9/16: New poem at Feathertale.
9/14: Intrusions- this weeks featured poem at Soul to Soul.
8/15: New prose at A Little Poetry.
8/14: My first poetry collection, the sometimes girl, has been officially translated to German.

das manchmal mädchen

8/9: Sean McGahey interviews me for the Beat.
8/3: New poem in Alba.
8/1: Five poems in Concelebratory Shoehorn Review.
8/1: August issue of Contemporary American Voices.
7/6: New poem in Words Dance.
7/1: July issue of Contemporary American Voices.
6/24: New poem in the fabulous Iddie.
6/22: New poem in Bolts of Silk.
6/14: Six poems in The Arabesques Review


6/1: Four poems in Right Hand Pointing.
6/1: New Issue of Contemporary American Voices.
5/18: New poem in the summer issue of Hudson View.
5/11: Memphis, this week's featured poem at Soul to Soul.
5/8: New poem in Ugly Accent.
5/5: Three new poems in 63 Channels.
5/3: New poem in Wazee.
5/1: Five poems in Poetry Life and Times.
5/1: New issue of Contemporary American Voices.
4/29: Six new poems in Kritya.
4/28: New poem in Bolts of Silk.
4/24: TRIM: an anthology of the collected works from Mannequin Envy Quarterly 2003-2006, edited by Jennifer VanBuren, includes work of mine.


The Celebration's Statement of Purpose: The Celebration of Women Writers recognizes the contributions of women writers throughout history. Women have written almost every imaginable type of work: novels, poems, letters, biographies, travel books, religious commentaries, histories, economic and scientific works. Our goal is to promote awareness of the breadth and variety of women's writing.

The Celebration provides a comprehensive listing of links to biographical and bibliographical information about women writers, and complete published books written by women.


1/31: WinK: Limited Edition Chapbook! 33 Pages.

Sold Out.



1/22: Official launch of my new online poetry journal Contemporary American Voices.



-- An anthology of all the published poetry in the inaugural year (2006) of Words-Myth, an online quarterly journal of poetry and poetics. Edited by Graham Burchell. Includes two poems of mine.



12/26: Now Available
-- an anthologized collection of erotic poetry available at Satjah Projects. Edited by Donna M. Hill. Includes two poems of mine.




9/16: Now Available!


Click cover to order

Download: 1 documents (PDF), 352 KB
Printed: 37 pages, 6.00" x 9.00", saddle-stitch binding, black and white interior ink
Publisher: Lulu Press
Copyright: © 2006 by Lisa Zaran Standard Copyright License
Language: English
Country: United States
Edition: First Edition


8/31: Two new poems in separate links at Lunatic Chameleon:


One of my absolute favorite 'zines for many years. I will be acting as guest editor for the Spring/Summer 2006 Issue.



Now Available


Click cover to order

Printed: 215 pages, 6.0" x 9.0", perfect binding, black and white interior ink
ISBN: 978-1-4116-8298-6
Publisher: Lulu Press
License: Standard Copyright License
Copyright: © 2006 by Lisa Zaran
Language: English
Edition: First


February 2006:

Washing The Color Of Water Golden


February 2006: Washing the Color of Water Golden: A Katrina Hurricane Anthology edited by C. E. Laine. ISBN: 1-933242-24-8.

The fallout of hurricanes Katrina and Rita have left most of us shaking with a new awareness about devastation, poverty, and how fleeting life can be. Those in the storm's path were hit hardest. Those with attachments to the regions affected, and ties to loved ones in those areas, are also deeply affected. Those sheltering evacuees in cities and towns across our nation are certainly affected. Each person watching the news reports is changed forever by what they've seen. This disaster has opened our collective eyes to many things; ripped the lid of lots of churning emotions. This book of poems is about disaster and poverty. It is about the texture of the Deep South. It is about observations and nuances, loving and losing, hopelessness and triumph. It is a collection of impressions we need to remember, because forgetting would be like an unmarked grave.

Washing the Color of Water Golden is a book that begins with Hurricane Katrina and ends, if it ends at all, in a new New Orleans, braver, smarter, and stronger for having gone through a terrible tragedy. Featured In Washing the Color of Water Golden, are fifty-five poets who were in various places when Katrina and Rita hit, and whose clarity of vision challenge us to repair our psyches, our national response plans, and our southern states.

Contirbutors include: Daniel Arsyn, Kelvin Bueckert, Mike Burch, Ginger Bush, Mike Cavanagh, Patricia Cresswell,Darin Cox, karyne de contreras, Echoes Ezzrai,John Gagnon, Linda Gayton, Michael Graber,Christine Hamm, T.S. Kerrigan, Kathy Kubik, Terry Lowenstein, Prasenjit Maiti, Yvette Merton,Corey Mesler, Alex Nodopaka, Kyle Richtig,Don Schaeffer, Trish Shields, Durlabh Singh,Monica Ellen Smith, Cheryl Snell with art by Janet Snell, Dan Stafford, Nikki Stewart,Brigit Truex, Lisa Zaran

Proceeds from the Sale of this book will will go toward Katrina Hurricane Relief and will benefit the surviors.


January 2006