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Lisa Zaran

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Lisa Zaran is an American poet and the author of seven poetry collections.

  • Books:

~the sometimes girl,2004, InnerCircle Publishing
~You Have A Lovely Heart, 2004, Little Poem Press
~Clipped From Our Days, 2005, Published by Argonauts' Boat.
~The Blondes Lay Content, 2006, Lulu Press
~Subtraction Flower, 2006, Lulu Press
~WinK, 2007, limited edition chapbook

  • Side projects include:

Founder and editor of the online poetry journal Contemporary American Voices.
Ongoing collection at Soul to Soul.
Ongoing collection at The Peregrine Muse.
Reviewer for and

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Lisa Zaran


In the room
where I learned how to lie,
to cover my bruises
with long sleeves,
to cover my lies
with a speechless tongue,
to invent a separate life
than the one I was living,

to imagine a world
fluent with flowers,
populated with trees,
cities with skyscrapers,
ten times taller than my dreams,
my mind filled with rivers
I knew I would someday cross.

  • Bio:

Lisa was born on September 26, 1969 in Los Angeles, California to an American-Norwegian mother, Joan Ablett (1941) and Norwegian father, Leonhard Hie (1937-1996) She has two sisters and one brother.

Lisa grew up a shy and quiet girl. She did well in school and was gifted with her father's love for the written word. She wrote her first poem entitled, Hallway, when she was six years old.

It is her hope for the world that the weather be kind, the people in good spirit and that the law hang by its own moral string. Let nature do and minds think and if a woman is thirsty let her have a pail of water or a bottle of wine.


Growing up, Lisa moved over 40 times across the western United States and Alaska.

She enjoys music and has a soft spot for folk, folk rock and blues.

She lives and writes in Arizona.