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Lisa Zaran

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the sometimes girl info


the sometimes girl



Printed: 212 pages, 6.0" x 9.0", perfect binding,
black and white interior ink, Trade Paperback
ISBN: 0-9720080-9-8
Publisher: InnerCircle Publishing
License: Standard Copyright License
Copyright: © 2004 by Lisa Zaran
Language: English
Edition: First Edit

das manchmal mädchen (the sometimes girl) is the focus of a translation course in Germany. The class is being taught by Frau Erdbrügger at Haupt- und Realschule Grossheide which is located in Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen) in North-Western Germany. Additional information about this course can be found by visiting this page.

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"Distinguished poetic insights, distinguished poetic textures, genuine richness."

--Duane Locke, Author of seventeen books of poetry including Squid's Dark Ink and Watching Wisteria

"Fresh, cutting edge, deeply personal, Zaran's work speaks to the heart. A great read!"

--Scott C. Holstad, Author of Cells and Artifacts

"These poems-vast in scope-deal with love, loss, pain and laughs; in short, life. Lisa Zaran's work is intensely personal and refreshingly, disarmingly brutal in its self effacing honesty. Like all of us, Lisa Zaran is protean, her poems varying with her humor and moods. We can all get something from these unpretentious vignettes of one woman's life."

--rob walker, South Australian poet, songwriter and co-founder of

"A word, a phrase, a rhyme; this 'sometimes girl' has the right thing to say for all times. Lisa's warm poetry has a unique way of making the reader feel as though the words they are reading are emanating from their own heart. A true gift."

--Fred Wheeler, Editor, Indie Journal

"Lisa Zaran's new collection, 'the sometimes girl', is an emotive dance into an erstwhile forbidden hall of concrete particulars where as Lisa writes, "...sometimes..i have rhythm and the blues", a place of enraged and submissive dichotomy. Lisa is no neo-naive and brutally honest with us, allowing us infinite access to the core of her existence while avoiding the insincere academic verbage and disjunctive imagery that most of today's poets attempt to use. She is a terrifying joy to read."

--Donald Ryburn, editor *4*91* Neo-Naive-Imagination ( Author of Poetry Pathology, Stones That Crawl and Voce