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Lisa Zaran

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Clipped From Our Days info


Clipped From Our Days
~an online chapbook



An online chapbook at Argonauts' Boat where I am a Poet-in-Residence.


Zaran's poetry is full of tenderness and 'Clipped from our days' is almost an ode to fragility. The author says, I get my practice by witnessing lesser deaths, which means it is in the sadness and happiness of the near home reality, everyday, that she seeks the recognizable. The near home is her frontier and the space in which she brings her reader to relate to her experiences and feelings. We have had similar feelings, and also in the run of the mill of our everyday lives we know fragility and tenderness. We too have a Mother. But it is the eye of an essayist with which she describes this world of gestures. Her use of such a delightful turn of phrase - a laugh from God, my thoughts . . . carving hieroglyphics against the cave of my skull, and from You are my mother - the woman whose heart has seven floors, creates an abundance of feeling that the reader can relate to.

'Clipped from our days', a strange pastoral, holds in its core a special poetic transcendence that ascends above description. It is of such quality to touch the heart that makes it special. Its pastoral description, yet it is more than that.

--Argo Spier